Content Production Studio specialized in 3D Animation and VFX, High-end Real-time full CG, Digital Humans, and XR - Augmented and Virtual Reality.

About us

Craft quality is at the heart of what we do, so at XCAVE, we specialize in blending art and technology, giving you an outstanding result full of uniqueness and creative technical majesty in real-time full CG and VFX productions. As pioneers in adopting disruptive technologies like AI combined with new Real-time visual effects, we deliver 3D Animation and Visual Effects, Realistic Digital Humans, Interactive Animation and Digital Interactive Experiences, Virtual Production, Games, Artificial Intelligence, and XR New Immersive Media, Augmented and Virtual Reality production for the Film, Streaming, Animation, Games, Advertising industries, and beyond. 

Addicted to craft, we are fostering and pushing forward our clients' future, bringing life to disruptive content through creative productions and visuals for multiple media. Join us, and let's build the future together.

3D Animation

Whether creating and fashioning animated stories from scratch or adapting much-loved icons for a new 3D setting, our teams of artists continue to push the boundaries of what is considered possible within the 3D Animation world using real-time technologies to deliver the best possible visuals for 3D animation content productions for film commercials, animated series, or interactive animation projects.

VFX Real-time
XR film Production

To redefine the coldest season of the year, the Aramis campaign created by Future Brand agency, invites the public to see winter with different eyes, undoing the perception of melancholy and inviting the public to experience the season on its reverse side. XCAVE was responsible for the entire film production, including all high-end visual effects, including a fantastic fully VFX/CGI Real-time and offline film production, a virtual metaverse fashion city for the Brand, and its first NFT digital cloth and digital art collection. All made by using cutting-edge hybrid real-time and offline production technologies to create a new metaverse universe for the Brand.

#nft #fashion #metaverse #nftdigitalcollection #filmproduction #vfx

Virtual Production Real-time

Although Virtual Production is everywhere, it's not so easy to achieve great results, because it depends on a specialized team able to creatively handle real-time technologies. XCAVE is specialized in delivering high-end real-time content for Virtual Production, as also on set VP management for final pixel achievement. We lead the entire process by giving creative and technical soluction on productions of any size, all over the world.

#virtualproduction #vp #vfx #realtimevfx

XR Interactive Animation

We created a fantastic animation and virtual world for the biggest Comic Con Experience World Experience. Through the technology of the powerful Unreal Engine and using Real-time 3D animation it was possible to break all barriers in the phygital world and delight millions of people with this pioneering experience to 114 countries around the world, bringing to life an amazing virtual world with a crater populated with 100.000 NPC AI interactive characters. XCAVE was responsible for all the Creative Animation, and Virtual Production direction and execution.

XR new media -
Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

We’re a 5G production studio and one of the pioneers of innovative XR industry, providing creative original productions for VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality). We create exceptional digital content for the Entertainment, Marketing and Advertising industries, as also for the Game industry, delivering Immersive Cinematics or Interactive contents in multiple formats.

#xr #vr #ar #mr #immersive


Craft quality is at the heart of what we do, and we have specialized in creating hyper-realistic digital humans using disruptive high-end Visual Effects, Artificial intelligence, and Real-time technologies. In one of our worldwide known cases, we digitally recreate the world's most beloved F1 pilot: Ayrton Senna. Our work covers the entire creative and development process, including concept, modeling, texturing, lighting and look dev, clothing, grooming development and simulation, facial and body motion capture, and animation. Our hyper-realistic Digital Human can be designed for Feature Films, AAA Games, Entertainment Streaming Animation, Interactive Animation, XR, Metaverse, and beyond.

#artificialintelligence #metahumans #digitalhumans #digitalinfluencers

Digital Virtual Influencers
and 3D Animation

XCAVE is specialized in creating realistic Virtual Influencers. From the visual concept to character storytelling and world-building, we go beyond by giving more depth and dimension to these characters, developing their strategic digital and metaverse presence. To make it happen, we use Disruptive High-End Visual Effects, AI, and Real-time Animation technologies, so the final result is designed for interoperability, including Feature Film, Animation, Games, Digital, XR, and Metaverse outputs. Our work includes character concept, multi-dynamic modeling, texturing, lighting and look dev, clothing development and simulation, realistic hair/grooming, facial and body motion capture, digital environments, and 3D animation. If you are looking for a high-end solution, talk to our artist's specialists and let your Virtual influencer go beyond.

#artificialintelligence #digitalhumans #virtualinfluencers #metaverse

Game Trailers and Cinematics

Our studio is filled with a passion for games and we love to collaborate with developers, publishers and agencies of all sizes around the globe. We thrive when we get the chance to tell the story of your game, no matter if it’s by storytelling in memorable and visually stunning cinematics or in in-game cutscenes, breathing life into your characters or through key arts.

#gametrailer #cinematics #games

Virtual Reality
Interactive Experiences

We are a valued creative technology partner for organizations around the world, working on World Class Immersive Experiences. From creative strategic conceptual planning, immersive, digital, interactive design, to deployment, we create immersive content narratives of all kind,  helping Museums, Theme Parks, Digital Exhibitions, Brands and Agencies, to bring life to amazing digital experiences through the power of real-time technologies.

#immersive #lbe #museums #themeparks #exhibitions

Metaverse Interactive Experiences Large
World Building

We are helping brands and organizations to build their presence on the metaverse by creating huge interactive worlds that expand the limits of user immersive engagement to another level. Through real-time technologies, we could recreate the biggest South America Industrial Polo. A complex world-building with more than 78 industries digital twins, available for users via an interactive digital experience.

#worldbuilding #metaverse #unrealengine

Original Storytelling development

We create interesting worlds where amazing characters live experiences that generate stories that must be told to audiences. We are specialized in creating stories for all traditional media like Film and TV, as also new writing specifically for 360˚, VR and immersive environments. We are currently working on original IPs for Streaming and Immersive Media.

#storytelling #originals #immersivestorytelling

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